Monday, April 18, 2011

Misty Cosplay Costumes Lead a Different Kind of Fashion

Pokemon Misty costumes really lead a unique fashion among the mountains of cosplay costumes in the cosplaying rush. Since Misty has the emblematical apparel which is consisting of yellow jacket, short shorts with suspenders, and board shoes, most of the Misty imitators would probably choose this kind of outfit to carry on their activity, and they could be recognized by others at the first glance.
In matter of cosplaying Misty Pokemon, these devoted epigones could feel the same as Misty in the anime or the game or the manga, which would be fantastic. For example, Misty in the anime series turns on an alluring charm, some of the cosplayers will consider her interesting because of her insisting herself is cute and pretty, and some of them think she is a crackerjack for she could manage the Water-type Pokémon so well. Once they impersonating her with Misty costume, they will naturally feel themselves as Misty while as if they are really has the ability or the characteristic or the other related things about her. Moreover, imitators also could participate in the contest about Misty cosplay by choosing the best imitator in the aspect of clothing, make-up, gestures and many others, which is also a different kind of meaning of cosplaying Misty.
There are still many other patterns of Misty cosplay in the worldwide rang, as long as you are a zealous Misty zealot with enough passion of this kind of entertainment, without doubt, plenty of new forms will come into being in the future. And a more fantastic and stupendous Misty pokemon cosplay is waiting for us.

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