Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sexy Pokemon Skyla Cosplay Costume

As one of the Gym Leaders, pokemon Skyla uses Flying-Type Pokemon in her gym. She is one of my favorite pokemon characters. She looks sexy and active as well as is full of energy. Her accoutrement among the other member is also unique and striking but not so complicated. The typical cosplay costume is in the form of shorts with gloves and her belly is uncovered, it is cool and sexy to me. 
It is also an easy cosplay for cosplay girls. We could make the suit on our own as long as we know something about sewing with a little skill. It is all right to buy the relative fabric from the store or make full use of our old clothes.
Cosplay pokemon Skayla is really a good choice for those girls who are into the cute but sexy style of portraying, the long red hair look quite beautiful. At the same time, if you just have the similar hairstyle and fair skin as Fuuro, and then you should have a try.

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