Friday, April 20, 2012

Hetalia Axis Power England Cosplay Costume

Picture Source

This is the exact cosplay costume for Hetalia England (Arthur Kirkland) cosplay, which is composed of trousers, shirt, jacket and tie with leather baldric acrossing the jacket. It really a cool outfit for this Hetalia cosplay, the design and the quality look attractive. Generally speaking, a good cosplay dress would help us a lot to display an impressive and similar cosplay. However, it would be more wonderful if we could get the great attire with relatively cheap price.
This Hetalia cosplay is really a good cosplay choice for both boys and girls. Yeah, we could find that many cosplay girls are willing to do this crossplay and each of them represents notable Arthur Kirkland cosplay to us. This blond-haired young man with green eyes is really charming and characteristic for imitation.

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