Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blue Hetalia Axis Powers Sweden Cosplay Costume

Hetalia Sweden, his human name is Berwald Oxenstierna, is a quite and tall man with shirt blonde hair and blue eyes, and he also wears a pair of glasses all the way. Sweden wears more than one uniform in this series, and this blue Sweden cosplay costume is the typical piece of him, which is in the form of a long blue, double-breasted overcoat, with either a white shirt underneath with black tie, plus dark trousers and leather belt. 
This cosplay outfit is a popular cosplay choice for the impersonators to display a vivid Sweden in the cons or the other activities. And it would be good deal if only need to cost around $80 to get this cosplay.
This Hetalia cosplay is suitable for both cosplay girls and boys, especially for these ones wear glasses. In addition, Sweden and Finland is a popular couple in Hetalia Axis Powers, is often shorted to SuFin. Hence, cosplay Sweden with our friend is a good choice.

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