Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guilty Crown Gai Tsutsugami Black Cosplay Costume

There are several cool cosplay costumes for Gai Tsutsugami cosplay. And the white one, namely the one that Gai wears when he goes albino, I have posted the other day. As one the main characters of Guilty Crown and the leader of the group "Funeral Parlor", of course, he has different accoutrements in the whole story: p He is so handsome with long blonde hair and light blue eyes.

This is the imposing Gai black cosplay costume is made up of black cloak and pants, which is the typical Funeral Parlor’s uniform. And it seems that anything is in the color of black is enfolded in mystery, especially the black coat.
     Due to the beautiful face and outside appearance, this guilty crown cosplay is suitable for both boys and girls. Imagine that long blonde hair with black clothes, what a cool thing! To be a mysterious guy in the Halloween would be wonderful.

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