Thursday, October 11, 2012

Code Geass Villetta Nu Purple Cosplay Costume

Generally speaking, when cosplayers are looking for the dark-skinned anime girls or the tan-skinned girls, Code Geass Villetta Nu would be always one of the ideal choices. One reason is that the purple cosplay costume is quite cool and distinctive, the black cape with fur, the purple dress, red tie, white shirt and the long gloves are so attractive.

Villetta Nu is one of the female characters of Code Geass with light brown skin. In addition, she has yellow eyes and long straight blueish hair. She is a skilled soldier of the Britannian Empire. Hence, the accoutrements and behaviors are very cool.
And Viletta appears in the two seasons of this series but in different positions. She is a negative and villainous role in the first season while in the second she becomes more positive and adorable. In one word, this code geass cosplay is really an ideal choice for the girls who have tan skin.

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