Monday, April 15, 2013

Special Ao no Exorcist Amaimon Cosplay Costume

This is the typical cosplay costume of ao no exorcist Amaimon, which is made up of long jacket with cross bones and skulls on it, white vest and short-sleeved shirt underneath, skull belt, knee-length pants and tie. It is really a special outfit for both boys and girls to have fun.

As one of the sons of Satan in Ao no Exorcist, Amaimon is teenage boy with green and dark green spiky hair, he has strong personality that any of us would remember him as long as we see him. And Amaimon is one of my favorite characters of Blue Exorcist (I love almost characters in this series, yeo, I am a huge fan of Ao no Exorcist).

Ao no Exorcist Amaimon cosplay is relatively complicated and challenging, and make up of eyes is quite important for this character. This anime cosplay would make any of us special.

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