Friday, September 26, 2014

Simple Psycho-Pass Shogo Makishima Cosplay Costume

As the main antagonist of the first season of Psycho-Pass, Shogo Makishima is really an impressive guy and has gained a large number people’s heart. Persoanlly, Shugo is one of my favorite characters of this series; he is cool, mysterious, smart and handsome except that he is heartless when he kills people. The long white hair and amber eyes are his noticeable features.
Obviously, there are countless boys and girls like me fonds of this Psycho-Pass character, hence, cosplay Shogo Makishima is quite popular in the eyes of cosplayers includes males and females. And this white and beige anime costume is one of the typical outfits that Shogo wears in the stories, comes with white shirt, purple tie, beige vest and pants. It is am easy cosplay idea for us to be decent and noticeable all the time.

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