Thursday, December 4, 2014

Distinctive RWBY Lie Ren Cosplay Costume

You would recognize this green costume and the weapons as long as you see them if you are fans of RWBY or a cosplayer, yes, it belongs to the cool and handsome guy Lie Ren from RWBY. The quite and calm young guy with long black hair he wears some into a pigtail at back with a magenta highlight on the lef side of his head.
cosplay by Liu Yan

Cosplay RWBY Lie Ren is a good idea for both males and females, and due to the fact that he has this distinctive anime costume that is made up of green Eastern style clothes in the form of diagonally buttoned tailcoat with long sleeves, and light pants, and the weapons, green automatic pistols named StormFlower, any of us would be identifiable and special.

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