Monday, August 8, 2011

Pokemon Charmander Hoodie for Cosplay

 As for pokemon cosplay, the Chamander Hoodie shows an attractive glamour to both boys and girls. And we could behold that there are many of the pokemon cosplayers wear this suit appear in the cosplay show. Each of them display different appearances in front of us in the same piece, it is because that the dissimilar figure will show differently.
pokemon Charmander hoodie
And why are boys and girls interested in this suit? The main reason may be that Charmander is a cute and endearing pokemon and the corresponding cosplay costume is suitable for both genders. There isn’t any special limitation and everyone puts the hoodie on will be the same as Charmander. 
On the other hand, this pokemon Charmander hoodie looks very cute and charming, and it is a safe bet that all the cosplayers would want to have try as long as they have a look at this piece. The orange and yellow color and the whole design of the clothing are perfect and glamorous. You will be recognized as Charmander at once and attract other’s focus as long as you have it on. In addition, the exact feeling of it will come to you when you in this attire.


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