Friday, February 24, 2012

Denmark Hetalia Cosplay Costume

Well, I have never thought about cosplay Hetalia Denmark till I see one cool girl does it. Cuz I don’t think it would be nice for a girl to put on this cosplay costume, the overcoat, shirt, trousers, along with tie. Kongeriket Denmark has light blond hair, a loud and big-hearted young man who loves drinking. In a word, he is not my style.
But, that cosplay girl makes me change my mind on this Hetalia cosplay. She looks really like Denmark, and the costume suits her perfectly. So, I get that we would never know the truth till we try it.
In this way, if you have no opinion of some character or his or her accoutrement only because of the superficial impression, you should get deeper understanding. What about try this Hetalia character now?

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