Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sexy Shugo Chara Ikuto Black Lynx Cosplay Costume

When we talk about these handsome and charming anime boys, there are always so many fascinating guys form different series (of course they are mainly to fangirls). And we really want them are real and do exist in our daily life. Ikuto from Shugo Chara is one of the most captivating anime boys, right? He is enigmatic, aloof, naughty, sweet, kind and dependable, with soft blue hair and eyes, and he is tall and thin.
As for Ikuto cosplay, there are lots of boys and girls are into it. On the one hand, Shugo Chara Ikuto is a popular and recognizable character. And these cool and stylish clothes are really intriguing on the other hand. And this sexy Ikuto Black Lynx cosplay costume is one of the typical and most characteristic outfits for cosplayers to stand out.

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