Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cute Black Butler Drossel Keinz Doll Cosplay Costume

What are the most impressive characters of Black Butler? We have to admit that there are so many attractive boys and girls in the whole story. As for me, Drossel Keinz is one of them and he scares me when I saw him twisting his head from front to back without turning his body, because he is a doll. As for cosplay girls and boys, this Kuroshitsuji boy is a really good idea to be distinctive and popular.
And this blue and black Kuroshitsuji Drocell Keinz doll cosplay costume, which consists of blue tailcoat, white shirt, red tie, black hat and black pants, is the typical anime outfit of him. In addition, Black Butler Drossel has a blue feur-de-lis painted under his right eye, plus ginger hair and blue eyes.
This doll Drossel Keinz cosplay is one of the best ideas for fans of Black Butler.

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