Thursday, April 10, 2014

Popular One Piece Shanks Cosplay Costume

As the essential character of One Piece, Shanks plays key role of the whole story. And of course he is a charming and popular cosplay idea for cosplayers to be identifiable and cool. This imposing anime costume is the typical outfit for cosplaying Shanks, which is composed of long black cape, wite shirt and the slightly loose trousers with yellow patterns on it.
As for Shanks, he is the captain of the Red Hair Pirates and one of the Yonko with red hair. But different from general pirates, he is not cruel but is a friendly and kind man. In addition, one piece Shanks is high in staure and is quite a manful guy.

Hence this one piece Shanks cosplay costume is a great idea for boys and girls who are searching for popular and distinctive characters.

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