Friday, May 23, 2014

Sexy Ao no Exorcist Shura Cosplay Costume

Who is the sexiest anime girl in Ao no Exorcist? Of course, she is Shura Kirigakure, one of the powerful Exorcist and Upper First-Class Exorcist, who has long red hair with yellow ends that looks like flames and she generally ties it into ponytail at back, which is one of her distinctive features. And she has large breasts that Rin Okumura thinks they are larger than Shiemi’s.
In this way, there are lots of curvaceous cosplay girls interested Blue Exorcist Shura, and this sexy anime costume that contains bikini top, shorts and denim jacket, is the typical and popular outfit.

Ao no Exorcist Shura cosplay would make cosplayers cool and sexy easily and the red markings on the chest and abdomen are special enough for us to give her a try.

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