Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pokémon: Dawn Coplay Costumes

Due to the hot wave of Pokémon, as one of the main characters, Dawn has also attracted a large number of followers because of her distinctive glamour. More often than not, when we are thinking Dawn, happiness and laughter will come along with us. For that she is such a girl who is always happy and could bring good mood to others who around her.
From what was talked above, we know that she is charming enough to hold cosplayers’ interest to don her costumes in the show. Meanwhile, Dawn is a tough girl with kind of hasty. But maybe just because of her characteristic, including both the good and the bad, she manages to allure so many Dawn epigones to focus on her cosplay outfits. Dawn, although, has only appeared in the Diamond and Pearl seasons of the anime, she still could allure a lot of fans. The phrase "Doesn’t matter!" is her sign, but when she says this it usually does matter, which adds a quite interesting plot to the whole anime. Only this aspect could give us endless fun. When cosplaying Dawn, which probably will bring something uncommon to us.
Wearing the Dawn Cosplay costume is the best part of the cosplay activity. When dressing the hat, the pink scarf, the black and pink dress, the black socks and the yellow bag, everything connected with her, we would feel so close to Dawn, and show ourselves as much as possible. It can be said that whoever portrays her will be easily recognized by others in the party because of the unique distinguishing quality among other cosplay outfits.

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