Monday, May 16, 2011

Pokémon: Team Rocket Cosplay Costumes

The team rocket cosplay costumes are totally different from the other pokemon cosplay outfits, and it is because of this fact that the main characters of the team rocket are the antagonists in the pokemon, and there must be something distinguishing, the apparels and acts. There are three leading roles from the team, and they are Jessie, James and the Meowth, who is a pokemon. It can be said that their existence adds the amusing plot to the story. As the bad characters in the Pokémon, their aim is to steal the pokemon including Pikachu but with a failed result every time or destroy the pokemon contests.
When it comes to the Jesse cosplay costumes, as Jessie usually don the masculine raiment for the purpose of disguise. And her striking feature is the red extravagant comic hairstyles, while her property is composed of white jacket and short skirt, lack gloves, leg cap and boots. On the contrary, James wears blue hair and has the hobby of dressing feminine garb, and his accoutrement comes up with white jacket and pants, black gloves and boots along with leather belt.
Generally speaking, the team rocket cosplay costumes are interesting and amazing for cosplay, and anyone decks out with the clothing will be easily recognized immediately for the characteristic style and also will be considered as one of the most excellent cosplayers in the activity.

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