Friday, May 20, 2011

Team Rocket: James Cosplay Costumes

James is one of the members of the Team Rocket, and the other two is Jessie and the pokemon Meowth. James is such a boy who was in a rich family but hasn’t any freedom in his family, so he escapes from his forced marriage and then joins in the team for the sake of free life. However, he has to obey other’s commands in the Team Rocket. That is really a pity, yet he is also a critical role of the group as well as of the anime pokemon. He brings much laughter and fun to his fans and holds a good number of supporters.
When speaking of James cosplay costumes, his typical appearance is in the form of blue hair, white jacket and pants, black gloves and boots along with leather belt. At the same time, the bent of his mind is at all times much to dress feminine garbs, which is in marked contrast to Jessie. Generally speaking, most of the cosplayers will like to choose this accoutrement for their cosplay. Also except the hallmark of suit, there are other types of outfits for making choice.
Anyhow, as long as you are the zealous fan of James, it does no matter which cosplay costume you choose, you will probably get full fun of cosplaying James. Now, start to make you the same as him in the wonderful show.

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