Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pokemon: Brock Displays His Own Feature

Brock is one of the three original main characters of Pokémon, plays the role as Pokemon Trainer and Pokemon Breeder, who displays his distinctive features among the other roles in the aspect of personality and appearance. As for his nature, he is quite calm excepting meeting with beautiful girls, moreover, he is soft, considerate and loves telling sick jokes, besides, he is good at cooking in pursuit of being the greatest Pokemon Breeder in the world as well as finding a girlfriend.
In terms of his outside looks, it seems that he is always showing a pair of narrow eyes to the others. His tan skin is also one of the marked properties among any other major character in this series. Though, Brock is still a teenager the same as Ash Ketchum and other members, he is the tallest and the most adultlike individual. As regards his costumes, there are mainly three different outfits throughout the Pokémon; actually, they are the jacket, shirt and pants in three colors, namely, green, orange, and brown along with blue shoes.
Except the appearances in the video games, Brock still plays a role in the anime and the manga series. As a whole, Brock is a special one and forms a unique style in the Pokemon.

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