Thursday, May 19, 2011

Team Rocket: Jessie Cosplay Costumes

Jessie cosplay costume is a distinctive piece for your pokemon team rocket cosplay. The most outstanding part of her is the red hairdo, and she will always keep it anywhere and whenever. It is easy to find that her semblance is completely dissimilar to the other characters in Pokémon. As one of the antagonists, she dreams of being an actress with vixenish nature.
She is one of the members of Team Rocket, her existence riches the funny and interesting plot to the whole story. As the bad role of Pokemon, she aims to steal the other pokemon trainers' pokemon together with the other mambers, namelt, James and the pokemon named Meowth, but would be probably in vain every time or destroy all the pokemon contests as much as possible.  
In the aspect of her cosplay costumes, Jessie is addicted to the masculine raiment for the purpose of disguise. So as for cosplay, the red extravagant comic wig along with the white jacket and short skirt, lack gloves, leg cap and boots is the common piece. Besides, there are still other outfits she wears in Pokémon, such as the purple and orange a-line prom dresses which display kind of sexy appeal.
To sum up, the Jessie cosplay costumes are interesting and diversified for cosplaying, whether you want to show a neutral appearance or the sexy femininity, this theme will meet all your needs. You would feel all as long as you start it.

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